Liquid Sky

Stunningly restored after years of neglect, the quintessential cult item of 1982 drills into a gender fluid New York New Wave club scene of fashionista warfare, hard drugs and extra-terrestrial visitation.

Bodiless extra-terrestrials descend on Manhattan’s post-punk club scene for the heroin and stay for the sex, vaporising their fodder in explosions of psychedelic ecstasy at the moment of climax. Thankfully pansexual fashion star Margaret discovers she can dispatch unwelcome suitors by feeding the aliens’ habit. Hailed by Time Magazine as “a two hour act of pure imagination”, Slava Tsukerman’s Liquid Sky is an underground masterpiece of avant-garde science-fiction filmmaking. Set against the visual majesty of New York in the early ‘80s, and filled with arresting cinematography by Yuri Neyman — along with an acclaimed original soundtrack featuring Blondie and Talking Heads — this is a quintessential artefact of 1980s New Wave that looks and sounds sharper than ever in this never-before-seen digital restoration.

Screenings: New Zealand International Film Festival 2018
Dir. Slava Tsukerman / USA / Retrospective / 1982 / 92mins / Australian Premiere (Restoration)

“Liquid Sky has always been caught smack between delirious curio, avant-garde put-on, exploitation cheapie, and naive masterpiece. Today, it seems prescient… A singular vision of a twilight Manhattan haunted by the lost, the daring, the damned, the jonesing – and some aliens.”

Alan Scherstuhl
Village Voice

“A monstrous, grandiose, often-glorious disco-cum-punk neon gender---- science-fiction singularity.”

Ray Pride
11:00 Pm
Saturday 15th September