The Green Fog

In a wildly inventive tribute to San Francisco, Guy Maddin and Evan & Galen Johnson riff on Hitchcock’s Vertigo with a kaleidoscopic collage of found media.

The Green Fog is eccentric Canadian artist Guy Maddin’s latest madcap experiment: a quasi-narrative pastiche that pays tribute to Hitchcock’s Vertigo while writing a general love letter to San Francisco. It’s comprised of a dizzying assemblage of images sourced from around 100 films and television shows, both familiar and unknown, all set in the Bay area. From this trove of found material, Maddin creates a cinematic fantasy that pulls the viewer in and never lets go. The result is what Maddin calls a "parallel-universe version" of Vertigo, where dialogue scenes play out in surreally silent gestures — and a delightful cinematic mash-up bursting with the filmmaking great’s irrepressible sense of humour.

Screenings: Toronto International Film Festival 2017, San Francisco Film Festival 2017, Berlinale 2018, MIFF 2018
Dir. Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson & Galen Johnson / Canada / Experimental / 2017 / 63mins / Australian Premiere
shorts screening with THE GREEN FOG:

A single-shot Möbius strip music video tribute to Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

Dir. Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson & Galen Johnson / Canada / 2018 / 10:03
Luce Vigo: Lines of the Hand

To Luce Vigo, with love...a fragment of adaptation of Jean Vigo's unrealised Les Lignes de la Main.

Dir. Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson & Galen Johnson / 2016 / Canada / 3mins / Australian Premiere

“The film is a brilliant exercise in meta-narrative, which raises questions galore about reality and representation, time and space, genre and gender, individual and urban identity, cinematic suture and casting. Mainly though, it’s just very, very fun.”

Geoff Ward
Sight and Sound

“At times, the playfulness reaches moments of sublime, unlikely beauty. That’s the magic of The Green Fog. It envelops you and pulls you into its own world, teaching you to see again.”

The Village Voice
08:30 Pm
fRIDAY 14th September