The Misandrists

Provocateur Bruce LaBruce has returned with a radical utopian vision of the world that combines a B-movie aesthetic with leftist ideals.

In an alternate reality, somewhere in Ger(wo)many, the Female Liberation Army prepares to overthrow the patriarchy and usher in a new female world order. How? With a new sort of lesbian porn that functions as propaganda for the female revolution. However, when self-proclaimed “separatist among separatists” Isolde is caught harbouring a young injured man in the basement of the feminist headquarters, the very nature of womanhood is called into question. Renowned anti-conformist filmmaker Bruce La Bruce (LA Zombie, Otto, or Up With Dead People) is back with The Misandrists, a delightful anarchist screed in the tradition of queer cinema that appropriates our most exuberant fantasies to transgress society’s mindless rules. Be sure to stay through the rousing end credits that feature a collage of famous feminists through the ages.

Screenings: Berlinale 2017, Raindance 2017, Festival du Nouveau Cinema 2017, Melbourne Queer Film Festival 2018
Dir. Bruce La Bruce / Canada / Comedy / 2017 / 91mins / NSW Premiere

“LaBruce utilizes camp, that unifying language of queer cinema, to undermine the credos of trans-exclusionary radical feminism.”

Teo Bugbee
The New York Times

“The Misandrists is a diverting bad-taste frolic for the sufficiently jaded.”

Dennis Harvey
06:30 Pm
FRIDAY 14th September