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The Unexpected Race

Staring Jack Black and Jared Hess and from the mind of DIY auteur Stephen Groo (guest of SUFF 2018) - this is the Elf/Human adventure romance you didn’t know you needed in your life.

You’ve peered behind the scenes in The Magic of Groo — now check out the finished product. Stephen Groo’s uncompromising and truly independent Unexpected Race is a remake of his own 2003 original, but re-cast with comedy icons Jack Black, Jared Hess and the Grooster himself. It’s a testament to what a filmmaker can achieve with a never-say-die attitude, following Amber, who is sent to live with her estranged father after a tragic car accident. During her recovery, she spots a peculiar man living in the woods, and discovers he’s the last remaining elf to survive an FBI-enforced genocide. As the pair fall madly in love, they must decide whether to give themselves over to their feelings or fight to protect this unexpected race. Forging ahead with family, friends and no discernible budget, Groo proves the master of resourcefulness and efficiency. Never utilising more than two takes, he follows in the footsteps of true DIY auteurs such as Joe D’Amato and Tommy Wiseau, resulting in a low-fi gem that needs to be seen to be believed.

A companion film to THE MAGIC OF GROO. Watch it beforehand at 6:30pm!
Dir. Stephen Groo / USA / Fantasy / 2018 / 93mins / World Premiere

“There’s a certain charm in the lack of polish.”

Jack Black

“Jack Black is hysterical in every scene he’s in.”

Musanna Ahmed
Film Inquiry
08:30 Pm 
FRIDAY 14th September